CCNA Certification Experience

CCNA Certification | Sanket R Jain

This article is all about sharing my experience on CCNA certification and would also address some tips on how to study for CCNA certification that helped me in getting certified..

How I started?

My path for certification was very long and need to started from 0. During my bachelor’s of computer engineering (2006-2012) studied basic terminology, concepts about networking and different hardware that were previously used as well as currently been used. During my masters I took networking units which was basically CCNA certification but broken down in 2 separate units. After completion of those units successfully with high distinction I decided to opt for CCNA industry based certification.

Some prerequisites for CCNA!!

CCNA certification provides with level 1 understanding of networks which lays down building blocks for networking profession. Before starting CCNA, some prerequisites with basics networking terminology and differences between basic networking hardware’s would be helpful while studying CCNA. These might include difference between hub, bridge, router and switch etc. Common concepts like CSMA/CD, OSI reference model and protocols like TCP, UDP etc.Once loaded with basic knowledge studying CCNA would be fun.

If you are studying CCNA on your own their there is a lot of work to be done like understanding concepts on your own, creating environment where you can practise. (Visit here for more details).

If you already possess access to netacad then practising is bit easier and understanding is lot easier to online study material.

How to study for CCNA?

The following study materials I used and also very useful for studying and getting Certified:

  1. CCNA Routing and Switching Study Guide Book (Exams 100-101, 200-101, and 200-120)
  2. Cisco Packet Tracer (Visit Here)
  3. (Good website for sample questions and practise)
  4. One of the most important factor in my certification my house mate (Shashank Dhote), Masters of networking guided and supported me while pursuing CCNA.


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