China Town in Melbourne

China Town in Melbourne | Sanket R Jain

It’s been a while in Melbourne, Australia and I didn’t get a chance of visiting “China Town” in Melbourne but finally made it on Christmas Eve.The place is wonderful to visit, though not a very big place to visit but spread along on one lane which is parallel to Bourke Street in Melbourne CBD.

Been born and brought up in India, I have tasted Chinese cuisine but with Indian flavour but in China Town traditional Chinese cuisine can be seen and smell (Though I am a vegetarian But I liked the smell of the food).

The fight with the chopstick to eat noodles and rice is still not won by me and is a bit mystery how they eat with chopstick but looks cool at the same time too. There are people from different culture like Australian, Indian etc. who visit this place to grasps the ambience of china and food. This place is worth visit once when in Melbourne especially during the Chinese New Year.

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