Internship Day 10

Deakin Jobshop Internship | Sanket R Jain

Day 9 ended up with creating strategy and documenting plan of action for the internet Marketing. Task started by creating Social Media platform accounts and providing information business. Adding images to social media account which portrays business presence. These task were basic for social media optimization but major task was advertise on daily basis about the business and events that are been carried out in organization.

From Search Engine perspective, it was divided into two parts, one was on page optimization and second was creating back-links as search engine focuses on citation and trust flow of website. With more citation and trust flow, more trust would be gain on search engine and this would lead to rank website top in search engine.

In order to achieve on page optimization, there was bunch of tools that needs to be downloaded in the WordPress framework itself which help in inserting keywords as well maintaining on -page optimization. Back-link creation can be achieve by listing business on Internet directories like Yellow pages whose citation and trust flow is more because this would help in creating trust for website.

Apart from this, in order to keep track of what is the statistics about the website which meaning how many visitors with your sides what pages are visited most etc. For this google analytic account was to be created and also embedded in website which can achieve mere by installing plug-ins. Entire day was dedicated to create building blocks for internet marketing. As internet marketing cannot achieve in one day it is continuous process thus each day some amount of time was to be dedicated for internet marketing,

As internship hardcore work was completed next 3 days would be focussing on creating user manual which is big task as it would be documenting how to edit website and how to design website along with how to perform Search engine and Social Media Optimization on own of very basic level.

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