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Day 2 for Internsip started where Day1 ended. Day 2 has list of task to be completed like creating standard document of project planning which would also consist of documents that would use to keep track of progress made and detailing every aspect of project. After completion planning document, requirement gathering document was been created and was been made finalized. The following document shows higher level of requirement gathering document that was been finalized.

This is higher level of requirement gathering for internship

This is higher level of requirement gathering for internship

Next task was analyse the requirements carefully and extract maximum information out of it. As analysing of requirements were studied and learned in unit like SIT 764  (Project  Management)  and  SIT  782  (Practical  Project) which help a lot during this task. After information was extracted major outcome from this task was to search for Premium WordPress theme which would fulfilled most of the requirements as it is impossible to find theme that would match all requirements.The main reason for buying theme was tactical Idea, as developing from scratch using WordPress free themes would take more amount of time leading to unfinished work and if not then leading to more than 120 hrs which is beyond internship’s criteria..

WordPress themes were searched on Themeforest. It is very good website where WordPress themes can be bought from thousands of option and also get support from the developers on buying the theme. Thus theme shorting process kick-started. Themes were to be short-listed strictly on requirements, along with it some additional heads up are also to be considered like support from theme developer, comments posted by exiting buyers of themes. These factors play very important role while short listing the themes, as support is very useful if themes has some bug or any functionality is not working or facing problem in using the feature, functionality then these support staff comes into consideration.

After spending hours searching there were some themes that were finalized and presented to supervisor. After long discussions and brainstorming over what can added or deleted from the various themes, one theme was short-listed called “Spiritual – Church WordPress Theme“. The reason for shorting this theme, was it has all the features that are required from supervisor as well reviews and support from the developers are good.

This is the final finalize theme for Website.

This is the final finalize theme for Website.

With theme selection, I came one closer to the in achieving one of goal out many which was successfully implement principles and knowledge that was gained while studying units SIT 764  (Project  Management)  and  SIT  782  (Practical  Project). Thus at the end of day 2, which consist lot of analysing and research and ended up with good results and leads to come one step closer to achieve desired goals for internship.

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