Internship Day 3

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Day 3 of internship started with buying the theme that was finalized on Day2. Downloaded theme also consists of documentation on how to start and install theme along with sample data.

Before installing the bought theme, there were some decisions that needs to be considered before actual development starts like whether development would be directly on actual servers or different servers or on local machine. Each of these would have different impact on the development because if development started on local machine then development would only access through the system on which theme is been installed. If development was to be started on different servers which were actual real but not on the server on which existing website resides then development can be done through any system which has access to internet. If development in actual servers to be done then too development can be done through any system which has access to internet but only risk is that any error or wrong coding may lead to server crash leading to which entire site may be down. Thus finally considering all the factors it was decided that development would be done on different set of servers and then after completion it would deployed on actual servers.

Thus actual hardcore web development started by gathering all software packages that were required to set the environment. Installation of WordPress was on done on servers (Tutorial). As environment was set up and WordPress was installed, the bought theme was been uploaded and installed in WordPress. In addition, demo content was also installed as to check how theme works and also what features and functionality are been provided by different options. At the end of the day, internship progress got entered in the execution phase of designing. This phase is longest phase and the second most important phase after planning as all execution would be based on planning.

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