Internship Day 5

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Day 5 of internship was an extension of exploring theme which started on day 4.60% of theme was analysed so far and rest 40% was to be done along with creating documentation for mapping each feature with the featured required. In addition, other features were also considered while documenting as a suggestion or for future scope. It took around 4-5 hrs. to complete analysing entire theme. (Understanding of theme is very important as it helps in customization as well as when re-designing starts amount of time invested would less)

As soon we had accomplished the task of understanding the theme, next important task was to content and images that were supposed to be displayed on new design. Task started with analysing the existing website with number of pages, content and images on each page and also what features are been asked on each page. At the end of Day 5, execution made progress with complete understanding of website and also document was created for each feature. Other documents like planning document was updated with information as well.

At the end of day 5, as 40 hrs. of internship has been completed. There are documentations like Log book that needs to submitted to Internship unit chair.

  • Logs of each day, in terms of what issues were raised and how they tackled and how tasks were perform on each day.
Example for log book for day to day activity during internship

Example for log book for day to day activity during internship

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