Internship Day 6

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Day 6 of Internship started as per documentation that was created on Day 5.  Day 6 was starting point to commence re-designing existing website with new features. Re-designing was divided into 3 parts, first was to start with basic implementation of features followed by second stage where in higher level features were to be implemented and lastly was placing the content on the right location.

Re-designing started with Home page where in each required features as per required was put into allocated place and tested. As these features were put into right place, images and content was added on their respective places. When these things were added and placed at the right place, supervisor were to be contacted in order to get feedback and based on feedback, required changes were put into consideration. This type of testing is done to make sure that we all are on the same page as well as all things are in sync as per planned.

(Web Development is a process where in constant¬† changes are welcomed and needs to followed as well, because earlier requirements are just finalized but gist of the features are seen when first prototype is been shown and based on that if some changes needs to be done then it’s a part of development. Changes are mostly in the form of user interface and re-arranging the features, content or images.)

Day 6 ended with basic level of implementation of features along with testing. More time is invested in here in order to make sure when entire website is re-design on different servers with all the change implemented then only existing website would be replaced with new one. Time then invested would be low as compared to designing. Almost 40% of website was re-designed by the end of the day. Task would be extended for the next two days for complete development with testing.

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