Internship Day 7

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Internship day 6 was ended with 40% of web development and day 7 started with the sole motive to complete up to 80% of re-design along with tested features as well approved from supervisor’s team. As we have planned today to complete phase which was implementing extended features which would help to complete major portion of re-designing and would be left with placing images and content on the right place followed by testing of each feature as well security testing.

Most of the time was taken into creating pages and linking them in right manner. As pages were created, each feature mapping that page was supposed to be implemented followed by testing and final approval from supervisor. Website posses approximately 30 static pages with features on each page. Thus at the end of the day we were succeeded in completing the task assigned in the schedule time frame which also help me achieve my one of the goal which was how to complete and manage task in time i.e. Time management. As the day 7 ended there was some documents to be submitted  which are as follows:-

  • Mid-evaluation document where in you yourself assess your skills as well your supervisor would assess your skill and that would be send to unit chair. .
Midd Evaluation document wherein intern and Supervisor both comment on the progres so far

Midd Evaluation document wherein intern and Supervisor both comment on the progress so far

  • Round 2 sheet which was a part of evaluating yourself along with explanation.
Round-2- Setting up Goals fo internship and setting future goals

Round-2- Setting up Goals of internship and setting future goals

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