Internship Day 9

Deakin Jobshop Internship | Sanket R Jain

Day 8  ended with complete re-designing of new websites but was on different set of servers. Main task of Day 9 was to to replace existing website and replace it with new one on the actual servers. This process would lead the business website to non-functional state. Plan of action was to remove existing content, followed by installation of all packages which are required to run new website. In addition, time invested on this should be low as possible in order to limit business website from been non-functional.

After carefully working with servers and with proper deployment of all software packages, new re-designed website was been uploaded and running smooth without any issues. The amount of time invested was approximately 4 hrs. Now, internship’s second half was supposed to commence which was internet marketing. This includes Search Engine and Social Media Optimization. In order to achieve this, planning was supposed to be done which included all team members and supervisor too.

Discussion was based what social media platform was supposed to focus as well on what keywords are they looking for. All these information was taken into consideration and documented was created which would lay down a strategy for internet marketing, In addition, there was discussion on tools and technologies that were supposed to be used. After long discussion on what tools to be used and what keywords to be used and what social media platform to be use, a planned was finalized which stated what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. Thus Day 10 task are been pre-planned which states to follow the strategy that is created on Day 9.


  1. Pamela Mills

    The content for the website is nearly finalised with a few changes necessary for the program in the new year.
    I would like to see the colour scheme and images completed on the home page so I can get a feel for what the overall design looks like.

  2. sanket (Post author)

    Pamela.The following changes would be completed as we would meet up again in Feb..

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