DUSA Red Shirt Volunteering Experience

DUSA Red Shirt Volunteering Experience | Sanket R Jain

DUSA (Deakin University Student Association) is an organization that is for Deakin Students that helps in various aspects of students life like legal, breakfast, exam breakfast and one of the most popular event O’Week. In O’Week students would work hard and enjoy at the same time in order to make the event a grand success. I too, was always font of working in these kinds of events but couldn’t participate during initial trimester due to studies and part time work. But on further inquiring about how to work in these events, DUSA officials provided information on “Red Shirt Volunteers”  and how to become a member as well.

O’Week happens only in Trimester 1 and unfortunately I missed due to studies and part time job. But since this Trimester 1, 2015 was my last semester of masters and thus decided to enjoy as well as participate in O’Week events. For been a Red Shirt Volunteer, you dont need to be a DUSA member and for becoming a member just to fill this Dusa Red Shirt. Once your application is been approved, there would be induction which would explain what responsibilities does a Red shirt Volunteer has to perform. I too had to attend the induction and for heads up there is always a game in where you need to remember name of every red shirt member present in induction.( This was pretty tough game for me as I don’t remember names that much.Darn it!!!).

Ravi Chand who manages Red Shirt Volunteer team allocates each team member their responsibility and time slot in order manage each member. I too was given some task and which were fairly simple. Each day at O’Week was a great fun as I was volunteering as well as enjoying first O’Week of Deakin University. During this O’Week meet number of new students who become friends and made some good contacts as well.

With Red shirt Volunteering, each red shirt is been granted some points through freebies can taken from DUSA like Red Shirt hoodies, discounted movie tickets, myer / coles gift voucher etc. Overall working experience of with DUSA Red Shirt was fun and memorable.

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