First Experience with Ice Mountain

Mount Bullar | Sanket R Jain

Every Indian plans to visit shimla once in a life time, one reason been snow out there (As other reasons are predefined “Shardi mein Garmi ka Maaza”). Even I had same plans but couldn’t make it as my parents thought that I wouldn’t sustain in that cold (Very Susceptible to cold cough). But finally my wish got fulfilled when made trip to Mount Buller The Ice Mountain.

Initially I thought it would be freezing cold and would have to wear jackets and gloves but it wasn’t required to my shock. My attire was like going to a beach for chilling out. People around were staring(making me feeling shy and uncomfortable, now I understand how women feel when people stare at them like anything) which later came into my concern was my attire. People were wearing heavy jackets, gloves, cold weather caps and scarf and I was wearing Hat, Capri and shirt.

Mount Bullar | Sanket R Jain

I usually don’t feel cold that much even at 6 degree as well (This is reason why my friends call me Polar bear and says this was my home town). Experience was completely different, Ice around me or me in the ice. I wasn’t feeling cold out there but when playing with ice, hands where completely frozen and red like tomatoes. Playing with ice was completely new feeling and experience. Couldn’t walk on ice wearing sneaker or some other shoes, need to were ice shoes which are made available at ski resort for rent¬† Another experience was travelling through rope at heights (As have fear of heights).

Enjoyed to the core with Ice, had ice fights with friends. One heads up for ice mountain trip don’t wear Capri as others put ice in Capri and would definitely freeze your balls for sure.(Hence proved “Har ek friend kamnina hota hai”). But all of this enjoyed a lot drive over 500 km, ice fight and overcoming acrophobia (For less than 3 mins). From my experience re-visit to ice mountain is worth indeed.

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