How to install Ubuntu 12.04 / 12.10 / 13.04/ 13.10 / 14.04 ?

Linux is an open source operating system whose distribution is free and easily available on internet. There are various flavors of Linux that are available. Linux flavors like Centos, Ubuntu, Kbuntu, RedHat etc. In our web tutorial we are installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS operating system.

Installation of Ubuntu provides with some by default software’s like Firefox, Empathy etc. Ubuntu also provides Ubuntu Software centre where free and paid software’s provided. Execution of Microsoft tools are also possible with the help of Wine package or Play with Linux package. Apart from these packages virtual box can also be used to run any operating system.

Minimum requirement for installing Ubuntu is.


Ubuntu operating system installation is simple and can be installed using Live USB / CD. Below provides tutorial for installing Linux (Ubuntu) in the system. Below installation of is done using CD/DVD.

Step 1:- Download Ubuntu ISO file from Select your flavour of system like 32 or 64 bit.

  • For Windows user:-
    1. Click start  type cmd and hit Enter
    2. Type systeminfo | find /I “System type”
    3. If system is 64 bit then “x64-based PC” would be displayed else “x-86-based PC” would be displayed.
  • For Linux Users:-
    Type command uname –m in Terminal (command prompt)

Step 2:- Insert CD/DVD in CD/DVD drive and restart system. While rebooting enter boot menu option and select CD-ROM drive as booting option. Save and exit boot menu. In case of any reference visit the following link.

Step 3:- As soon system reboots, below image would appear.


(Ubuntu 2014)

Step 4:- Click on Install Ubuntu option and below image would be displayed. Recommended to check both option.
1. Download updates while installation.
2. Install this third-party software.


(Ubuntu 2014)

Step 5:- Select Wireless connection since in step 4 we have selected download updates. Although if not selected download won’t be possible.


(Ubuntu 2014)
Step 6:- Check installation type whether want to install alongside with other operating system or delete existing operating system.


(Ubuntu 2014)

Step 7:- Installation of Ubuntu starts. Ubuntu needs about 4.5 GB to install, so add a few extra GB to allow for your files.


(Ubuntu 2014)
Step 8:- Select time zone for Ubuntu


(Ubuntu 2014)
Step 9:- Select preferred keyboard layout


(Ubuntu 2014)

Step 10:- Enter your login and password details.


(Ubuntu 2014)
Step 11:- Ubuntu installation starts and takes approximately 20 mins.


(Ubuntu 2014)
Step 12:- To Start Ubuntu, restart system.


(Ubuntu 2014)
Step 13:- Home screen for Ubuntu after installation


(Ubuntu 2014)


  • Install Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS. Available: Last accessed 23rg Aug 2014.

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