Independence Day ??

Happy Independence Day to everyone. Hope in succeeding years INDIA would emerge as super power. But before becoming super power does INDIA has really got “INDEPENDENCE” or we just claiming to have Independence!

Though we have achieve Independence in 1947, but there are some things from which INDIA hasn’t got Independence. People might consider this as a usual stuff but these are things that has tighten our mentality to a confined mind-set.

Casteism is one of the top things that has made people apart among themselves. Though we have got this Casteism as cultural heritage and should enrich it, but in this modern world where each individual is considered equal, this so-called “RICH CULTURAL HERITAGE” is hampering individuals to achieve of what they are capable of. One thing that encourages this Casteism is “RESERVATION QUOTA”. Reservation have been made in each and every sector irrespective of merit. This reservation has created distinct line between rich and poor. According to history these OBC, ST etc. were made on economical basis of the family but nowadays people make use of these as a trump card to get benefits from it.

Corruption which is considered as an integral part of our day-to-day life is hampering nation’s progress as a whole. If any individual is breaking the law, he/she tries to bribes for their mistake instead accepting mistake and paying for which is right, thus leading to corruption. In an independent country, corruption is like a leech which affects economy as well as per capita income. As these fines would be collected in nation’s economy which in turn would be used for benefit of the people, which is an idealistic condition but doesn’t happens. Budget which is approved for every government project, only 10% of actual money has been used for actual work and rest has been taken by so-called “DALAL” in the hierarchy.  Looking at work completed in 10% money of actual budget, if 100% money has been invested in project think what would be the outcome? All this is due to corruption and we say we are independent.

Is right to education followed ?  No, since still there are various parts of India where girls are being not allowed to study and been forced to work at home since as per their thinking girls are only confined have to look after their family and kitchen. Finally landing to child marriage. Though government has many policies which ensures that every child receives education. But do government make sure that implemented polices are being followed in their intended way!. If yes then literacy rate would be high.

Independence implies freedom which means an individual can do anything unless it is not violating the laws. Individual can roam around anywhere anytime but is it happening ? Think twice. Rate of crime in INDIA is much higher as compare to other countries that have independence. Women cannot roam around freely whenever they want. Crime rate is one of the aspect that portrays independence of any nation.

Narrow thinking which can also be referred as “Mentality” also affects, as thinking and values portray mentality. Been in developed country for a while and returning to motherland, it has been observed that it’s the mentality of people who needs to be changed. One good thing of developed country is their way of thinking which distinguishes us from them. People are quite responsible instead of being responsible to a confined set of things. Their love for nation, responsibility towards their nation is not seen only during Independence Day, Republic day or Cricket matches. People understand their responsibility towards their nation and this is what distinguishes them from us.

Independence doesn’t means forming democratic government and having laws, it is some of these things that needs to be changed and implemented in the right way as it should be then only we could achieve complete INDEPENDENCE.

All these things won’t achieve all at once, it requires collective measure from every individual as we make the make the nation.


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