Install Apache in Ubuntu

Apache web server is an open source web server which runs on cross-platform. It supports various scripting language like Perl, PHP and Python. There are various build in modules that apache provides along with various features like Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security support, proxy module etc. Apache web server widely use on real world severs due to its functionality, features and modules.

Minimum Requirements for installing Apache


Below provides steps on how to Install Apache in Ubuntu (Linux) using terminal (Command prompt)

Step 1:- Open terminal as shown below



Step 2:– Type command Sudo apt-get update and enter the password which is same as which is used to login into the system.


Step 3:- Type command Sudo apt-get install apache2 and apache would asking whether to install or not, so just types “y”. Apache would be getting installed in your system.




Step 4:- In order to check whether apache is installed properly or not, open browser and type “localhost” or “” and press enter and below image should appeared.




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