Install LAMP and Test LAMP

There are a different type of web environment where web development is possible but for our tutorial LAMP web environment is chosen. Primary reason for selecting web environment is that, it is an open source web environment which can be running freely on any local machine. Most of the real word servers run on this environment. LAMP is very cost-effective as well.

The below table explain what does LAMP means.


Installation of each component can be found here:-

  1. Linux (Ubuntu)
  2. Apache
  3. MYSQL
  4. PHP

Using the steps in the tutorials that have been linked, all software packages would be installed easily and properly for web environment. In order test whether environment has been properly setup, we need to test it . The following are steps to test each component of LAMP. (Linux is the operating system thus no need to test because all software packages are being installed on this platform)

Step 1:- In order to check whether PHP is installed properly type command Sudo gedit /var/www/info.php.


Step 2:- Add the following line in the file




Save and Exit.


Step 3:- Restart the server by typing command Sudo service apache2 restart.


Step 4:- Open browse and type or localhost/info.php. Below image would be seen.


Above image states desired web environment has been setup properly. As PHP page is executed properly which runs on server, in our case Apache.

MYSQL can be tested by running command mysqladmin – u root –p status

Enter password that was given during installation time.( root)


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