Install WordPress on Local Machine in Ubuntu

Install WordPress on Local Machine in Ubuntu | Sanket R Jain

WordPress uses relational database for managing and stores site and user information. WordPress can be downloaded from WordPress Site.

Below provides steps for installation of WordPress.

Step 1:- Open terminal and type command wget


Step 2:- Starting with creating database for WordPress. Open phyMyAdmin.


Step 3:- Click on “Databases” tab and Create database. (Recommended to name wordpress).



Step 4:- latest.tar.gz in downloaded in download folder by default. Open terminal and type cd Downloads and then type command sudo cp latest.tar.gz /var/www. (This is would copy file from downloads to /var/www folder)..


Step 5:- Type command cd /var/www. (This would change the working directory to /var/www).

Step 6:- Type command sudo tar –xvf latest.tar.gz. (This would extract file).


Step 7:- Type command cp /var/www/wordpress/wp-config-sample.php /var/www/wordpress/wp-config.php. (As wordpress folder contains wp-config-sample.php file and we need wp-config.php for installation of php.)wordpress-6

Step 8:- Type command sudo gedit wp-config.php. And enter the following information

Database name- wordpress

MYSQL username- root

MYSQL password- root

Save and exit.



Step 9:– Open browser and type localhost/wordpress or

Step 10:- Click on create Configuration file

Step 11:- Click on let’s go!


Step 12:- Provide username and password for MYSQL and click submit. (root)wordpress-9

Step 11:- Provide the following details and click install WordPress

Site Tile



Email id

(Remember username and password as this would be used for logging into WordPress. Once password forgotten then there is no way of retrieving password for local machine. Recommended username and password “admin” and “admin” respectively.)


(Press on Install WordPress)


Step 12:- This image portraits that WordPress is properly installed and click Log in for logging into WordPress.

Step 13:- Provide username and password that were provided in Step 11. And log in.



WordPress in install on local machine and now can start playing with WordPress for web development and blogging.

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