Install WordPress Super Cache Plugin

Install WordPress Super Cache Plugin | Sanket R Jain

The following tutorial would show how to install WordPress Super cache plugin.

Step 1: Download WordPress Super Cache from WordPress website.

Step 2:-Copy downloaded file in /var/www/wordpress/wp-content and extract it (In order to copy and extract ,super user acceses would be required)



(Since Locally we need to create FTP account in order to install any plugin or themes, if already have FTP account then step 1, 2 can be skipped)

Step 3:- Open Plugin page from the Dashboard of WordPress.


Step 4:- Click on Activate option of WP super cache and then click on settings option. The following page would be displayed.


Step 5:- Check all recommended option from the options. As there might error of mod_rewrite which can be solved by creating file in /var/www/wordpress/.htaccess (Command for this is sudo gedit /var/www/wordpress/.htaccess) and copy page entire code which would be displayed in the error. On saving the file, refresh this again and page would be displayed with the following image. In order to go start creating .htaccess file change the permission of /var/www/wordpress/wp-content to chmod 755. (Command for this is sudo chmod 755 /var/www/wordpress/wp-content)


Step 6:-Saving the status and click on CDN option. Enable CDN Support and type the URL which is underline in image below and save it.


Step 7:- Click on Easy option and delete cache.


Step 8:- In order to check whether plugin is properly installed, check the source of localhost/wordpress. And scroll to the line of the source code following lines would be seen.


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