How to install WordPress on Web Servers??

installing wordpress on web server | Sanket R Jain

Following factors needs to be check while selecting web hosting service provider for hosting WordPress websites:-

  1.  PHP version 5.2.4 or greater.
  2. MySQL Version 5.0 or greater.
  3. The mod_rewrite Apache Module.

How to host WordPress from local machine to Web hosting server?

  1.  Before hosting website, select appropriate name for website and register from domain name register like GoDaddy etc.
  2. Register with web hosting companies by creating account and get username, password for accessing servers.
  3. Mapped domain name with web hosting servers. The server names are provided by domain name registration companies through domain name is been register.
  4. In order to host website login to cpanel for server which is normally
  5. Use credentials provided by web hosting company to login in cpanel.

The following provides steps for installing WordPress on web server :-

Step 1: Login to Cpanel of servers or


Use credentials provided by web hosting company to login in cpanel and click on File Manager”


Step 2: In order to make website publicly accessible select public_hhtml/www


Step 3:- Click on Upload option and upload WordPess installation file which can be found on



Step 4: Extract file.


Note: – Before installing WordPress, web server should have database which would dedicated for this website and user with username, password for that database along with all access rights.

Step 5: Click on MYSQL from cpanel


Step 6: Create database


Step 7: Create user with username, password


Step 8: Providing access rights to new user for database.



Note: – Since I am using my website and using subpart of it, thus I will be using else is ok.

In order to install on main site, extract all files from WordPress zip in public_html instead of public_html/wordpress.

Step 9: Type in browser to start WordPress installation. Select language of installation and click continue.


Step 10: Provide database name, username, password is created is step 6,7,8.


Step 11: Submit and click on Run Install


Step 12: Provide information about website.


Step 13: Click on Install WordPress and login with username and password provided in above step.




Backend of WordPress


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