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Life Abroad | Sanket R Jain

When people think of studying or working abroad, first question that pops into their mind is how to survive in foreign country since there is no one to take care of them. Similar question came into my mind when my application was accepted in Australian universities for studying masters. There was a mixed feeling where one side was feeling excited to study abroad which I  always dream of and on other side was bit nervous about who the heck would take care of me?.

This feeling could only be understood by your mom aka momma or you yourself. The reason been that only your mom and you knows what we need and when we need. Being vegetarian and top of it JAIN, biggest obstacle was that would I get proper vegetarian food?  since there is a strong perception in minds of ,y parents that people living abroad only eat non-vegetarian food. Thus to overcome my mom started teaching me how to cook food so that I can cook my own food. But unfortunately couldn’t learn too much because really speaking standing in kitchen for an hour is not my cup of tea( bole toh humse na ho paaye) rather I use to drink bournvita milk pretending that I am observing you and learning how you cook. But now I regret those moment and thinks that I should have learned something valuable instead of drinking bounvita ++.

Keeping apart regrets, On arriving Melbourne, the experience was completely new and ecstatic. Meeting new people and talking to people of different culture gives altogether a new experience. Though now I make fun of these people but not racially but just for fun.

As my university started after studying their use to free time with me and in that time, I used to roam around roads along with a map to know what place is where and which roads lead where. First task which I took was finding the shortest path to reach  damn university and then started finding nearest supermarket stores and Indian grocery shops for shopping day-to-day groceries.( I guess this is the only thing I am proud as of now)

My main motive of studying abroad was enhance my knowledge and get job and settle but apart from this I also wanted get to know people from different country and understand their way of thinking and how they work because this is what makes them distinct from us. Though one thing that I have learned from these people is that they know how to their live fully irrespective of thinking too much. These people know to enjoy life and how to live to the full, unlike people in India where tension starts from morning “would I able to catch the train on time or would I able to reach office on time” and ends their day full tried while coming back from work.( No harsh feeling but this is what I have seen in Mumbai so far).

Apart from these things, some important things that I learned while living abroad is how to manage day-to-day work along with studies.I have seen people working part-time to manage their expenses along with studies.(Well it is tuff to find first job if you studying and top of that if you international student since there is constraint on number of working hours as per visa rule). Things that I hate doing has become part of life-like buying groceries,cooking food for yourself, washing utensils, keeping room clean etc. Though all this things were not considered when I was living in India but I now understand the meaning and importance of each small work. Usually mom use to ask in morning about what would you like for dinner? and I use say “Anything would be fine” and she use to say “Dare you say anything because you would be the first one to say I am not gonna eat this curry” ( Though I am foodie but selective). But now I understand why she use to ask because I myself think for like 30mins about what should I cook for dinner? and end up making dal and paratha or Pulao.

As a whole living abroad has given me a brand new experience and I think it makes an individual independent and teaches how to manage time. It teaches every aspect of life and when I try to remember of what I was before and what I have become now, it brings smile on my face thinking parents would be finally proud of me at-least for something.

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  1. Manu Jain H R

    Such a beautiful article, Especially very useful for Indian Students those who are willing to go Abroad !!


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