RSPCA Volunteering Experience

rspac volunteering | Sanket R Jain

I started RSPCA volunteering at Burwood office from February 2015 and lasted up to May 2015. My job description was to come with a strategy that would create a flow and standard procedure for search engine and social media optimization. In order to work as RSPCA volunteer, I submitted my resume to RSPCA which was followed by an interview. As I got selected, on my day 1, I was given all paper work pertaining to polices, name badge and entry swipe card. From second day, I was assigned a task of analyzing current RSPCA Victoria website and find what is their status in terms of SEO and SMO.

rspac volunteering Burwood | Sanket R JainMy team consists of my manager Miss Meagan Patroni, and teammate JENNA HANLEY. Working with both of them was very cool as they were good attitude towards work and fun-loving as well. Though there were some other teammates which were RSPCA dogs (Jimmy and chappy) to make work environment more woof and playful. Each week, I use to find some bugs in the website and report to manager and fixed some bugs that I have access to. In addition, my major task was find what are the key-points that is hampering current SEO and SMO. As weeks passed by, I created some documents that would implied the current scenario and standings of RSPCA Victoria in terms of SEO and SMO, what are the mistakes and how to fix those in upcoming version and finally document consisting of strategy that should be used for improving RSPCA Victoria Website.

Though my RSPCA volunteering lasted for 3 months but amount of exposure to new things was more. New ways and ideas to create strategy has been learned on a larger scale, as creating strategy for big organization was a very big task for me. Though strategy created by me was very simple and at basic level since other factors that plays vital role in Internet marketing was already possessed by them.

Overall working with RSPCA Burwood was really great as team members were very chilled and environment of working was friendly, informal and woofy as well. One more thing that I was able to learn was overcoming my fear with dogs especially Great dean (Chappy) and Labrador (Jimmy).

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