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Free SSL Certificate |Information Security |Sanket R Jain

Free SSL Certificate

Nowadays, everybody is aware of hacking and have become sensitive on maintaining their communication secure over the internet. Whether it is eCommerce  or a blog, end user prefer to see GREEN Color Lock on the left hand side of URL. This following article would provide information on how to get  Free SSL Certificate for 1 domain (In addition,can also be used for validating 1 email address).

There are various Certificate Authority that provides Free SSL Certificate but their time period is pretty less as compared to the Certificate Authority that is explained below.

StartSSL Certificate

StartCom vendor and producer of StartCom Linux OS also operates StartCom Certificate Authority. It is the 6th largest Certificate Authority and also provides Free SSL Certificate for Personal use. They have categorize SSL certificates based on 4 features like Free SSL Certificate, Identity Validation, Organization Validation and Extended Validation. (Click Here for more information). StartCom Free SSL Certificate are intended for web sites which require protection of privacy and prevent eavesdropping. However information presented within these certificates, except the domain name and email address, are not verified. Should you need higher validated certification, please check out our StartSSL (Class 2) certificates

This article would be focusing on how to get Free SSL Certificate and install it over web hosting server. ( Deeper information on Installation and plugins for WordPress Websites). The following are high level feature that StartCom provides for Free SSL Certificate:-

Class 1 Domain Validation SSL Certificate

one domain 1 year, unlimited

 Class 1 Email Validation S/MIME Certificate

one email 1 year, unlimited

For more details about StartCom Root Authority Click here

Steps for Getting Free SSL Certificate

There are 3 parts in which user can get decrpyt and install Free SSL Certificate.

Part 1: Getting the Free SSL Certificate


  • Go to
  • Click on “Start Now for Free SSL Certificate”
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R Jain
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R Jain
  • Provide Country and Email Address and it would send you verification code over an email which would verify Email Address
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R JainOnce you provide with Verification code, it would automatically navigate to the Validation Wizard where you select “Domain Validation” (Domain Validation is free rest others are not)  and click on continue.
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R JainEnter the Domain name and click on continue
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R JainSelect the email address and provide the necessary verification code. Click on Validation.
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R JainAs domain and email is been verified, get the Free SSL Certificate by clicking to “Order SSL Certificate”
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R JainEnter the Domain name which is been validated.
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R Jain
  • Select the submit your “Certificate Signing Request (CSR)” (Preferred selecting PKI if you do not have anything). Provide the paraphrase password for encryption.
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R Jain
  • Download the Private Key and click on Submit.
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R Jain
  • Click on Certificate List and Download the certificate (Class 1 SSL).
  • Free SSL Certificate_Sanket R Jain

Part 2 : Decryption of Private Key

  • Login to StartCom and click on ToolBox. Look for Decrypt Private Key
  • Free SSL Certificate |Information Security |Sanket R Jain
  • Get the decryption Key and save it.

Part 3 : Installation of Free SSL Certificate on Hosting Server

  • Login to Control Panel
  • Click on “SSL/TLS Manager” from Cpanel.

Free SSL Certificate |Information Security |Sanket R Jain

  • Click on the link below “ Activate SSL on Your Web Site (HTTPS) “.
  • Select the appropriate domain name from the select-box.
  • Paste the 2_domain.crt certificate is from the into the first field ”Certificate(CRT)””.
  • Paste the decrypted private key into the second field “Key (KEY)“.
  • Paste the 1_root_bundle.crt certificate is from the into the third field(CA BUNDLE).

Free SSL Certificate |Information Security |Sanket R Jain

  • Hit “Install Certificate” and wait for the server to restart.

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