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In two years of studying in Deakin, I never got involved in university events, clubs parties etc. When I started pursuing my studies at Deakin, I was 3 weeks late due to visa delay and when I came to Deakin everything was pretty new as compared to environment I grew up studying. Initially I faced many problems like how to cope new studying mode which involves more usage of computers and online research instead of referring one book. In addition, environment was quite different for me and I knew no one since I missed my International student orientation meet up.

As I got used to situation and study pattern, things were going in the right way and also found some more information that would help other students. With this idea in mind, I thought of participating in some events that are more focussed for students and was fortunate enough to receive an email from Daniel who is Transition & International Events Officer in Deakin University to come for an interview in order to participate in Student Connect Program. In interview, I was asked why I wanted to join Student connect Program and some normal questions. After the interview I was short-listed to join their team to help students. There was also a training session prior to orientation where they explained what needs to done and how it needs to be done.

The orientation for student was pretty good where I meet many new faces who were supposed to start their journey at Deakin. I was enthusiast to share my experience also answer their queries about studying and how things work in Deakin. Apart from these information, some information about transportation and sight-seeing in Melbourne was answered. We also conduct campus tour with new students to show them common hotspot areas of Deakin University like Deakin Central, Library, Medical Centre, Security building and DUSA book shop. I even volunteered for city tour where along with 2 more student connect members I was assigned to help couple to students to show some very common hotspot of city.

Apart from new students, I also meet people from Deakin itself who were currently studying and was very nice experience working with them as all of them were equally active and supportive to help new students in order to ease their journey. During student connect program I also made some good friends.

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