What are the types of Web Hosting?

types of Web Hosting | Sanket R Jain


Web hosting is an activity or business which provides space where data,websites, media is uploaded and can be access everywhere. There are different kind and types of web hosting servers. The following are the different type of hosting servers:

Shared Website Hosting

These are servers which is been shared by different websites or host multiple websites. Companies that provide shared hosting provides storage space to user where user can upload data, websites, media etc. Apart from space these hosting companies also provides technical support to users. From cost perspective these kind of hosting is cheaper. These kind of hosting is useful for most users but not for everyone. As there are some websites that quite active in terms of bandwidth, up time etc. these
type of hosting in not preferred.

Dedicated Website Hosting

These type of hosting provides with dedicated service to only your website. These servers which are handled by someone else and in order to access these servers payment has to be made. There is other variant of  dedicated hosting where if user has its own server and these servers are been located in someone else’s facility then it is known as colocation hosting. Advantage of dedicated hosting is that it provides full control over its administration. These type of hosting is recommended to companies that have large access each day, technical and financial resources needs to be uploaded. In addition, requirement of large storage space and bandwidth are the factors which adds to use these kind of hosting.

Virtual Private Server Website Hosting

These type of hosting falls between shared and dedicated hosting service.These server involves sharing of dedicated servers by multiple users. Multiple users only shares resources of servers but the space or storage allocation is divided in such a way that each user’s percentage of server is dedicating only to user’s website. (Free servers) .These hosting been shared by multiple users even though it provides some access control of dedicated servers on which user’s website is hosted. One drawback of these hosting is that in case of some glitch in website traffic or unusual demand then there are no resources flexible available to meet. Apart from these drawbacks, these services includes complicated and confusing agreements for accessing servers. (Free servers) What are the factors that need to check while selecting web hosting provider?

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