Who Am I ??

Hello Everyone,

Before starting with my post ahead, there are few things that everyone should know about me. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering completed in July 2012. After graduation, I started NIIT certification for Java and advance Java.. As I was pursuing my certification, I had cracked an interview in a small IT firm which offered me Associate Software Tester role. After working for 7 months, I resign and came to Melbourne, Australia my dream place to pursue my Masters in Information technology. My specialization Information Security and Network Computing”. Being interested in information security, I have also completed my certification in Ethical Hacking (CEH) and other basic level certification.

This blog is an initiative to spread knowledge in the field of Information security , Networking, Linux, WordPress, Web Development. This blog provides with indepth tutorials with the elp of live examples by means of images that portrys what exactly is the output for the preceding step. In addition, some articles would also provide with references which can be used for further understanding. I will try to post articles related to any of the above topics and anyone can drop me question on Ask Sanky and would get back to you asap.

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