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WordPress plugins for Mobile websites | Sanket R Jain

WordPress provides a very easy way of creating mobile friendly websites. Firstly development of website in WordPress is very easy and less time-consuming. Secondly most important from this tutorial point of view, mobile friendly websites. WordPress provides with various plugins that allows website to be mobile friendly. Each plugin has its own features. The following are the list of plugins

  1. WPtouch: – It provides with mobile only theme for websites which allows displaying of content and not much else. There are free version provides with basic customizations such as branding color, typography, social media in the footer and other options for styling.
  2. iThemes Mobile :- It is premium plugin which is powerful as well simple which allows to transform any website into a mobile friendly site. Provides quickly “drop and go” setup instead of extensive customization. It includes in-build mobile-ready themes which allows to change style and color schemes. Along with this build-in header uploader.

  3. Duda Mobile Website Builder: – Free plugin whose setup leads to DUDA website where user can drag and drop to customize website’s navigation and layout styles. There are features like click-to-call, maps, contact form etc. One drawback of this plugin that it includes banner advertisement and default URL that is provided by DUDA who uses free version of plugin.

  4. Any Mobile Theme Switcher: – It’s a very basic plugin which detects device that user is accessing and based on this selected theme has been displayed. This is allows to have different theme for Android users and different theme for iPhone users. Though this plugin is basic but provides some features like how long mobile theme has been displayed and whether to show mobile versions sites to desktop users.

  5. Handheld Mobile Plugin: – These plugin works alongside with regular theme, which serves as an alternative theme which is only displayed to mobile devices users. There are some features gallery section, blog layout, AJAX loading, threaded comments and styling options.

  6. Mobile Smart: – This plugin allows WordPress sites to switch to mobile theme if any user access website using mobile. It is very helpful when web developer wants to display more specific website to the mobile users instead of responsive version.

  7. WP Mobile Edition: – This plugin automatically detects whether website is visited by mobile user or desktop user. Based on this website has been displayed to user. Apart from these, there are some features include inserting mobile AdSense, social links, the option to display latest posts or a mobile landing page, and short codes.

  8. WP Mobile Detector Mobile Plugin: – This plugin detects automatically whether visited user is through mobile device and displays the most compatible mobile theme. As this theme provides 9 mobile themes which allows web developer to enable any of these 9 themes for displaying to users. Additional thing that plugin requires while setting up, is to set up permission which allows to work properly. Reason been this plugin is not been designed with user interface in mind. The theme which are provided are quite confusing and ads are being plugged for buying pro version.

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